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Type W resistant to splashing water, snow, humidity and dust. Universal DL16B is designed for 2 - 3-channel control of LED lighting of RC models: Car, Boat, Plane, BUS, TIR, Tractor, Tank, Dinghy, Sub, Glider.

• Easy setting with 3 jumpers
   Properties can be changed during operation (by inserting jumpers into the adjusting connector on the side of the DL16B)
• 2 - 3 channels control (Stick, Wheel, Switch)
CAR, TRACK, TANK: right / left blinkers, headlights, rear and reversing lights, roof lights and beacons, hazard warning lights, lights bar
BOAT, SAILBOATS, SUBs: position lights, navigation lights, cabin and auxiliary lights
AIR PLANE: position lights, anti-collision lights, landing and taxi lights
• Control of hazard blinkers and footlights by steering wheel
• Reflector controlled by 3rd channel CH3
• Switching ON/OFF by LED channel CH3 or switch
• 16 controllable outputs for 1-96 LEDs (20mA)
• Acoustic signalling with small piezo buzzer
• The DL16B stands out for its high user comfort and is ready for operation

Package contents: DL16BW (SW 6.1), User Guide, 13x super LED5mm (9x white, 2x red, 2x blue), 6x super LED3mm (2x white, 4x orange), connectors, switch, piezo buzzer, 3x jumper, connecting cable CH3, resistor 220R (for footlights), 3x Heat Shrink tube 2 wire cable.


Input Voltage DL16B +5 V from connector (4V ÷ 8V)
External Battery Voltage +4 ÷ 24V DC
Operate current consumption 0,03 ÷ 0,35A (depends on load)
Number of LEDs 1 ÷ 96
Output Current L1-8 c. 20mA
Dimension 29 x 42 x 8 mm
Weight 12 g

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