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Mini LED Lighting Controller

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329,00 Kč tax incl.

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Type W resistant to splashing water, snow, humidity and dust. Universal DL4B is designed for 1-channel control of LED lighting of RC models: Car, Boat, Plane, BUS, TIR, Tractor, Tank, Dinghy, Sub, Glider.

• Easy setting with 1 jumpers
   Properties can be changed by inserting jumpers F1 to F6 into the adjusting connector on the top side of the DL4B
• 1 channels control (Stick, Wheel, Switch)
CAR, TRACK, TANK: headlights, rear and reversing lights, roof lights and beacons, hazard warning lights, or lights bar
BOAT, SAILBOATS, SUBs: position lights, navigation lights, cabin or auxiliary lights
AIR PLANE: position lights, landing or taxi lights
• 4 outputs for 1-32 LEDs (20mA)
• The DL4B is ready for operation

Package contents: DL4BW (SW 1.1), User Guide, 8x super LED5mm (4x white, 2x red, 2x blue), connector, 6x jumper (F1-F6), resistor 220R (for footlights), Heat Shrink tube 2 wire cable.


Input Voltage DL4BW +5 V from connector (4V ÷ 8V)
External Battery Voltage +4 ÷ 24V DC
Operate current consumption 0,05 ÷ 0,17A (depends on load)
Number of LEDs 1 ÷ 32
Output Current L1-8 c. 40mA
Dimension 25 x 15 x 4 mm
Weight 4 g