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KAVAN C1 NiMH/NiCd charger 1A

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the KAVAN C1 charger is a very simple "box" charger with mains power for recreational riders and pilots for charging 4-8 NiMH batteries. It is an ideal addition to "set" construction kits (mainly cars, boats, tanks, construction machines...) enabling simple charging at home or is an excellent companion on trips when you don't want to "lug" a large, heavy and expensive charger with you. The charging current of approx. 1 A is reliably suitable for most NiMH batteries used in recreational models.

The rechargeable battery is connected via a charging cable with a standard Tamiya connector. Charging is controlled automatically with delta-peak detection, the charging progress is signaled by an LED on the charger.

Basic functions:

Mains supply 230 V/50-60 Hz

For charging 4-8 NiMH cells

Charging current approx. 1 A

Charging with delta-peak detection for NiMH

The operational states of the charger are signaled by an LED

Standard Tamiya connector and battery adapter with Dean-T connector

Compact plastic box, pocket size

The charger set includes:

Charger KAVAN C1

Tamiya/Dean-T adapter


Input voltage (mains - AC) [V] 230

Charging current [A] 1

NiMH [art.] 4 - 8

Length [mm] 73

Width [mm] 50

Height [mm] 29

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